Symposium Lunch
Some of the top figures in cooking science at lunch following the Symposium “Trends in Cooking Science”, organized by Dr. Crosby, and held on 10 August 2014 at San Francisco, CA. Starting on the left front and moving around the table clockwise are: Jeff Potter, Terry Acree, Christopher Loss, Ali Bouzari, Kathryn Deibler, Cesar Vega, Guy Crosby, and Harold McGee.

ACS Judges Photo
Judges for the competition on “Communicating Chemistry: California Cuisine” held at the American Chemical Society meeting in San Francisco on August 11, 2014. From left are Donnie Golden, Justin Miller, Harold McGee, Chef Mark Davis, and Guy

Guy Crosby Photo
Guy with his Food Analysis class at Framingham State University, April, 2011. Clockwise from Guy are Joshua Kruger, Meaghan O’Dea, Therese Kimbell, Grace Shay, Joseph Bazinet, Robert Mulligan, and Guilherme (Will) Meira

Guy Crosby Photo
Christopher Kimball and Guy on the television set at America’s Test Kitchen

Guy Crosby Photo
Guy on the television set at America’s Test Kitchen